Making Work Safe

for the Hazardous Industries

What We Do



Unique expertise in HSE, Control of Work, Risk Assessment, Process Safety and Isolation Management to help you REALLY improve your processes.

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WorkSafe® System

The best Control of Work System for the REAL world. Designed by experts with enormous operational experience, powered by a robust software platform, presented on a sleek interface that your people will love.

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People-centred training programmes that REALLY make your workforce safer. Head and shoulders above anything you’ve done before.

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Over 200 sites around the world benefitted from Control of Work consultancy and have implemented Cresent’s solutions. Over 11 years of training the UK HSE Inspectorate in Control of Work.


Over 30 years of experience shaping Control of Work practices in the hazardous industries, including co-authorship of HSG250 and HSG253.


1st to use e-learning to train in Control of Work.
1st to use coaching to improve Control of Work standards.
1st to partner with SAP for Control of Work.

“Making work safe is more than just ticking Health and Safety boxes.
We have to influence the way people think and what they do at the crucial moment.
It’s about really knowing how their world works, what it looks like, and what the real pressures are.
It is about ensuring that people are able to do the job well and make it safe.”

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