Learning Management System (LMS)

The WorkSafe® Learning Management System (LMS) is the perfect solution to manage your business’s training needs. With bespoke options or access to our universal system, the LMS keeps your training organised and your staff competent.

What is a LMS

A Learning Management System, like our LMS, is an online application that allows you to administer, document, track, report and deliver training programmes.

In the last decade, we have seen a rise in the number of businesses using online training methods for awareness level or refresher training, and an LMS is a perfect solution for hosting everything in one place.

Did you know that we were the first to use Computer Based Training in the oil and gas industry?

WorkSafe® Learning Management System

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality e-learning, or computer-based training, programmes to businesses working across the global energy industry. We can only do that with our Learning Management System.

An easy-to-use Learning Management System, WorkSafe® LMS allows you to:

  • Train your people 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world
  • Access training offline for work in remote locations with poor or intermittent connectivity (such as offshore)
  • Administer and track delegates training
  • Store delegates certificates, training records and user profiles in an easy to access location online
  • Reduce the need for multiple systems
  • Produce reports
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Host videos, PowerPoints, images and other training materials

Available Options

We have a variety of different options to suit the needs of your business. Hover over each of the boxes below to find out more. 

Off-the-shelf system

Off-the-shelf system

Any company who purchases e-learning from ourselves is added to our universal WorkSafe® Learning Management System. Each company will have their own unique area, with their users only having access to their unique company data. This is a suitable option for some businesses, but for those looking to integrate their Learning Management System with their business identity, we have other options available.

Bespoke Brand Integration

Bespoke Brand Integration

Our WorkSafe® Learning Management System can be provided with completely bespoke brand integration. While sitting within our universal Learning Management System, Users or Company Administrators logging in to your unique area will be welcomed with a branded experience, allowing you to integrate the LMS with the look and feel of your business, while offering your delegates a familiar experience.

Stand-alone Learning Management System

Stand-alone Learning Management System

We don’t just provide businesses with an “area” of our universal system, but we can provide you with your own fully branded stand-alone Learning Management system that is unique to you and your business – including the domain.

Key Features

SCORM Compliance

Our LMS and training content is all SCORM compliant. Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards or specifications for web-based electronic technology (e-learning). Our Learning Management System and e-learning training packages are SCORM 1.2 compliant, which is a widely used version. Have you got your own SCORM compliant course packages, but thought you were tethered to your existing Learning Management System? We can host these, giving you access to our training suite and your own training all in one place.

Company Administration User Accounts

These allow you to take control of the training process. Every business will be given an administration account; these users can assign training courses, run reports and retrieve delegates certificates, for example. There is no limit to the number of Company Administrators accounts that a business can have, and we can run short training sessions (for free) to ensure that your assigned Company Administrators are up to speed with how to use the system and its features. Training can be provided in-house, at Cresent or via Webex depending on your location. If you would like to arrange a training session for existing members, please contact our Customer Service Department.

User Profiles

Each delegate will have their own unique training profile with its own user interface. User profiles use the delegate’s email address as the unique identifier; each user profile contains information about the delegate and their training records. Our Learning Management System is fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Classroom Training

While not necessarily a core feature of the WorkSafe® Learning Management System, it can host and schedule Classroom Training activities for your business, allowing you to maintain all the training information in one place. Additionally, training records such as certificates or information can be uploaded to the LMS for classroom training events.


Both our training courses and LMS are available with multi-language capabilities. Our courses allow users to toggle between available languages with the click of a button, and presently we have developed courses in more than 13 unique languages (both Roman and Non-Roman).


Having worked with the Oil and Gas industry for nearly four decades, we understand the difficulties of working offshore or on vessels. Often, interconnectivity is poor or non-existent. We can provide offline versions of our courses that will feedback to the Learning Management System when it receives connectivity, allowing your delegates to complete training any time, anywhere.

Email Notifications

Users will receive specific email notifications from the system. Don’t worry, these are system generated and completely GDPR compliant (we never use your delegate’s email address for anything other than user account purposes). Users will receive email notifications such as their user details when they’ve been assigned a course or when their licence is due to expire.

Our e-learning

We offer a range of off-the-shelf Health and Safety and Control of Work e-learning courses that can be purchased directly through our website. Please visit our online shop to view our course suite. 

Additionally, with our in-house design capabilities, we have the experts under our roof and on hand to create bespoke e-learning solutions for you. Find out more about our bespoke e-learning services here.

Support and Maintenance

We offer Support and Maintenance of varying degrees for all of our software products. We can discuss your requirements and find the right solution for you but can include Working Hours, Monday to Friday or 7 Day support options.

If you have any support queries, you can speak with our Technical Support Team by logging a support ticket via support@cresent.co.uk.