WorkSafe® Tag Out Grips (TOGs)



These innovative Tag Out Grips (TOGs) secure isolation tags and wallets, unlike any other solution. Gripping the tags firmly, the TOGs use a large surface area with no sharp corners that could stress the isolation tag and lead to failure. Pulling or tugging on the isolation tag (or wallet) only makes the TOG grip harder.

“WorkSafe® TOGs are unlike anything else in the market and replace the traditional “threading a needle” process, providing a fast and effective way of gripping your isolation tag and preventing it from blowing away.”


Product Information


WorkSafe® TOGs can be applied and removed quickly and are compatible with any safety tag, providing a safer and more reliable means of securing a tag, compared to the alternative of threading string or tie wraps through the tag itself, which creates weakness and is prone to failure after a short period of time.

Key features

  • Quick and simple to use and secure to an isolation point
  • Certified, tried and tested from -30C to +100C
  • Proven to hold fast in the most extreme weather conditions
  • Strong enough to resist pulling forces up to 100kg
  • Resistant to chemicals, UV, oxidisation, fracture, discolouration and general wear and tear
  • Reusable
  • RelyOn Nutec Digital hold the exclusive rights to these innovative Tag Out Grips (TOGs) in the Oil and Gas Industry.


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