Environmental Awareness



Excavations can be very dangerous places for personnel in and around the worksite. This Excavation course shows candidates how to spot the dangers associated with excavation activity and what controls are necessary to prevent injury. This course is suitable for candidates who require an awareness level understanding or as pre-learning for a classroom course.

Product Information

Course Objectives

The purpose of this Environmental Awareness course is to help delegates understand the environmental impact of company activities and identify their role in reducing the impact that company operations can have on global environmental issues, such as global warming and ozone depletion.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe the Global Environment and our Environmental Responsibilities
    • Define how much of the world’s surface area is covered by seas and oceans
    • Describe how the natural world has been challenged by pollutants
    • Describe ISO14001
  • Define the role of MARPOL
    • Recognise why MARPOL was developed
    • Describe the purpose of the six technical annexes
  • Describe Environmental Aspects and Impacts
    • Understand why performing operations all have an environmental impact
    • Describe global warming
    • Describe air emissions
    • Explain air emission control areas
    • Describe discharges to water
  • Define Waste Management
    • Discuss oil industry waste
    • Discuss prevent, reuse, recycle and recover waste
    • Discuss waste segregation
    • List the different waste categories
    • Describe ballast water management
    • Identify the impact of drydocking activities on the environment
  • Define Typical Control Measures and Spill Management
    • List control measures based on lessons learned
    • Explain the importance of being eco-friendly


Additional Information

  • Duration: 60 minutes (approx.)
  • Knowledge Check: 20 Questions Final Assessment


System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows (7,8,10) and Apple Mac
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Plug-In: Adobe Flash Player required
  • Additional Hardware: Please ensure that you have headphones or speakers
  • Please note that our courses cannot be run on tablets or smartphones


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