Our Team

The calibre of our team is the key to our success and your safety. Our subject matter experts have over 100 years’ of experience in Control of Work and Health and Safety. They are supported by a team of incredibly hardworking, smart and motivated individuals.  

Jim Land - Team

Jim Land

Commercial Director/

control of work

Jim’s role at the head of the company keeps him busy. Jim likes to be hands-on with all aspects of the business, so his day may see him in product development meetings, writing white papers, meeting with existing clients, pitching for new business or any number of crucial business activities.

Mark Philip - Team

Mark Philip

Technical Director

Mark joined Cresent in 2005 and currently holds the position of Technical Director. This sees him responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s IT structure and Cresent’s suite of software products.  Mark is the registered Data Controller for Cresent.

Rory Fraser

Production DIRECTOR

Rory is responsible for overseeing the production of Cresent’s products and services while managing the Creative Learning and Software Development teams. Additionally, Rory is a focal point for a number of Cresent’s key clients.

Philip Blyth - Team

Philip Blyth

Finance Director

Philip is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. With over 15 years’ experience in the energy sector, Philip is responsible for all financial functions within the business.  

Craig Fitch

Technical Support Executive

Craig joined Cresent in 2013. His role involves training, development and quality assurance of our software products. Additionally, he provides technical support internally, and to our clients. Craig assists business development by demonstrating our software to potential clients.