Our Team

The calibre of our team is the key to our success and your safety. Our subject matter experts have over 100 years’ of experience in Control of Work and Health and Safety. They are supported by a team of incredibly hardworking, smart and motivated individuals.  

Harry van der Vossen

Managing Director

Since the acquisition of Cresent by the RelyOn Nutec, Harry has been the newly appointed Managing Director of what is now known as RelyOn Nutec Digital Ltd. Harry’s background is in Oil & Gas with Shell International, but joined RelyOn Nutec Holding as Director of Digital Learning back in April 2019, after 14 years as COO with the e-Learning company Atlas Knowledge.

Mark Philip - Team

Mark Philip

Head of Technical Services

Philip is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. With over 15 years’ experience in the energy sector, Philip is responsible for all financial functions within the business.  

Rory Fraser

Head of Operations

Coming from the Gaming Industry, Rory has been with RelyOn Nutec Digital for over 8 years and is responsible for overseeing the design and development of all the Company’s Digital Learning products and services and managing the Creative Learning Development team. Additionally, Rory is a focal point for a number of RelyOn Nutec Digital’s key clients.

Adam Sharp

Head Of Digital Products

Adam joined RelyOn Nutec Digital in 2020, with the focus to elevate and expand the Company’s Digital Learning product and service offering, bringing with him over 11 years’ experience within Digital Learning Operations and Project Management. Adam’s role as Head of Digital Products plays a key part in bridging the Digital team with our global requirements, ensuring collaboration across the RelyOn Nutec group.