Our Partners

We’re not experts at everything, so we work closely with our partners to ensure that you have the best industry practice consolidated in our products and services. 

Briggs Marine/Briggs Environmental Services

Briggs Marine supplies services across a range of industries working offshore in the marine sector with services ranging from vessel charter to diving projects to renewable energy, emergency response and salvage. 

Cresent and Briggs Marine worked together to create a suite of Oil Spill Response e-learning courses which includes On Scene Spill Responder (OPEP – UK Level 1), Onshore Basic Spill Responder and Offshore Basic Spill Responder.

Dango Training Services Ltd

Dango Training Services Ltd specialises in Dangerous Goods training for the safe transportation of goods via sea, air or road. Dango Training Services Ltd is fully accredited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and is one of only five companies registered as an International Air Transport Association (IATA) training school.   

Cresent and Dango worked together to create awareness level Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air and Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Sea e-learning courses.

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL)

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry-funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur, by providing preparedness, response and intervention services. OSRL provides training, consultancy and equipment hire.  

Cresent and Oil Spill Response Limited worked together to expand our e-learning capabilities to our client bases, including the introduction of Oil Spill for Vessel Crews, IMS 100 and IMS 200 Incident Management training. OSRL has expanded their offering with our Health and Safety and Control of Work training

Reece Safety Ltd

Reece Safety was founded on the delivery of Lockout / Tagout products to help companies comply with the latest legislation, and they now have a diverse range of diverse products, completely covering a portfolio of safety requirements.   

Cresent and Reece Safety’s partnership allows Reece to open up their course offering, by providing our e-learning course suite to their clients. Cresent benefits from an increased offering of Energy Isolation consumables, now being able to offer thousands of consumables products.

Falck Safety Services – Trinidad and Tobago

Falck’s training centre in Trinidad and Tobago is strategically located in the centre of Trinidad allowing ease of access for delegates from anywhere in Trinidad. The facility is equipped with two purpose-built pools for water drills, HUET and Sea Survival Training.  

Cresent and Falck Safety Services in Trinidad and Tobago have a long and fruitful history working together. Falck Safety Services utilise Cresent’s e-learning course suite and act as in-country representation, allowing Cresent to expand its offering to the Caribbean Islands.

Global Training Solutions – Canada

Global Training Solutions Inc. provides compliance, workforce training programs and classroom instruction aimed at the development, training and safety of employees in many diverse industries worldwide. 

Global Training Solutions (GTS) benefits from access to Cresent’s e-learning course suite in Canada, allowing Cresent to expand its offering to the North American market. 

MSTS Asia (Falck Safety Services) – Asia

MSTS was established in 2000 for the purpose of providing safety training and consultancy services to industries and the public sectors. As a member of the Denmark-based Falck Safety Services Group, a world leader in emergency response and risk consulting services, MSTS has created a strong reputation for excellence and reliability. 

MSTS Asia utilise Cresent’s e-learning course suite and act as in-country representation, allowing Cresent to expand its offering to the Asian market. 


As well as working with partners to provide the right expertise and knowledge, we also work with agents to ensure that we have the right representation in countries where we don’t have a physical presence. Our agents include GCORP in Mexico, Gulf Asset Management (GAM) in Abu Dhabi, Nuclean Technologies Ltd in China, Seiraf LLC in Oman, Total Safety and Cekap Technical Services in Malaysia.