Our Industries

From deep sea to desert you’ll find us making work safe onshore, offshore or on vessels around the world. Working with operators, contractors and the supply chain across the energy industries, we love what we do. 

Oil and Gas – Offshore

We have years of experience working in one of the world’s harshest environments; in fact, many of us started our careers offshore. From North Sea assets to incident investigation in the Gulf, we are experts in the relevant local legislation and understand the implications of working in the offshore environment.

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Oil and Gas – Onshore

WorkSafe® is currently live on one of the worlds largest onshore oilfields, Rumaila, and that is partly thanks to our extensive knowledge of the onshore oil and gas industry and how it differs from the offshore environment. From training to software solutions, we have the right options for your onshore facilities.

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Process Facility


Our knowledge of the upstream oil and gas industry allows us to work with petrochemical companies to ensure the highest levels of safety throughout the oil refining process and purifying of natural gas. We have years of experience working on refineries and process plants improving competency and introducing Control of Work procedures.  

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Process Industries

We are perfectly placed to work with businesses in the chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, including distilleries. Our transferable knowledge allows us to work with businesses in these industries and develop air-tight processes and procedures to increase safety. 

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Chemicals Industry (industries)
Nuclear Power Plant


In 2016, we diversified into the nuclear industry. Our expert knowledge of the oil and gas industry had us perfectly suited to take on a project developing and implementing a safe system of work, and the associated training, to a large nuclear facility in the United Kingdom.

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Renewables and Electricity Generation

Our consultants have experience working in industries including onshore and offshore wind, hydroelectricity, solar, tidal and Energy from Waste (Waste to Energy). If it generates power, then we have the experience required to support your workforce, procedures and safety systems.  

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Where we work

In 2017, we celebrated 35 successful years in business. While celebrating, we took a look at the industries that we’ve worked with, but also specifically where.

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