Lock Out Tag Out

What is it?

The WorkSafeⓇ Lock Out Tag Out Module ensures that hazardous equipment is properly isolated and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work.

Management of Isolations is both a procedure and a software module. The LOTO procedure describes how electrical energy and piping system pressure and contents are isolated. The software module reduces label writing bureaucracy and increases control of the isolation, partial and final de-isolation of plant.

The key benefits of the WorkSafeⓇ LOTO Module are outlined below:

1. Regulatory and Legislative Compliance

WorkSafe® Control of Work has a comprehensive Isolations module that is based on the UKCS HSE guidance document HSG253 and meets all regulatory requirements worldwide.

Benefit: An Isolations process that meets and exceeds legislative and regulatory requirements

2. Tried and Tested

The WorkSafeⓇ Lock Out Tag Out process has been deployed on many client sites worldwide, and is used by a multinational and multicultural workforce.  

Benefit: A proven secure, functional and safe system 

3. Complete and COmprehensive Process

The system enables development of an electrical and mechanical Isolation plan, utilising line diagrams and P&IDs to create an Isolation Certificate which can use a comprehensive lock out box process including cascading.  The system manages the complete Isolation process from Isolation planning, Isolation execution, De-isolation and return to service.  It also incorporates a Sanction to Test process.

Benefit: A comprehensive Isolation process that manages the complete Isolation process for all disciplines. 

4. Integrated System

The WorkSafeⓇ Lock Out Tag Out module is fully interlinked to the other modules within WorkSafe® to ensure that no Isolations can be removed while a Work Permit is currently live onsite.

Benefit: A fully interlinked system increases on-site safety and control

  • WorkSafe® Isolation Planning and Implementation Process
  • WorkSafe® Lock Out Tag Out Navigator Process

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