WorkSafe® Control of Work


WorkSafe® is an electronic, browser based, Control of Work (CoW) system which has been developed following a unique collaboration between specialists in Control of Work and a dedicated software team which uses the latest programming techniques for development.  WorkSafe® is relied upon by over 30 facilities worldwide and has been successfully used in the Middle-East since 2006.  It has evolved over time following direct feedback from clients and from the wider industry.  It has been built to the following three principles:

  • 1.SafeIt must increase safety in the workplace and reduce risk
  • 2.EfficientIt must improve efficiency of operations and therefore deliver cost savings
  • 3.Easyit must be simple to use and intuitive so that minimal training is required

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WorkSafe® Control of Work consists of three core modules:
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HITRA)
  • Permit to Work (PTW)
  • Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

These core modules are supported by a number of supplementary modules within the system such including:

Graphical Planner and Conflict Manager

For identifying and avoiding conflicting work

Administration Panel

To allow the Client to make configurable changes

Auditing Module

For tracking user changes in the system and providing an auditable trail of approvals

Cumulative Risk Module

To allow Senior Management to view the overall risk on a site

Lessons Learned Module

To manage lessons learned and enable continuous improvement across the organisation

WorkSafe® Modules

  • Hazard Identification and Task Risk Assessment
    The WorkSafe® Control of Work Hazard Identification and Task Risk Assessment (HITRA) module enables clients to identify hazards and implement controls to ensure residual risk is As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).
  • Permit to Work
    The WorkSafe® Permit to Work module is a formal recorded process used to control work which is identified as potentially hazardous.
  • Lock Out Tag Out
    The WorkSafeⓇ Lock Out Tag Out Module ensures that hazardous equipment is properly isolated and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work
  • Operational Risk Assessment
    The WorkSafeⓇ Control of Work Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) module ensures that robust arrangements are in place to identify and evaluate major accident hazards.
  • Graphical Planner
    The WorkSafe® Graphical Planner provides a multi-level visual overview and Permit and non-Permit maintenance work to assist with planning work to be undertaken and to minimise conflicts.
  • Conflict Manager
    The WorkSafe® Control of Work Conflict Manager allows privileged system users to avoid conflicting work activities by moving work to a more suitable time


WorkSafe® is a highly configurable system which allows the System Administrator an unparalleled level of flexibility to make changes such as:

  • add new facilities, locations, areas and equipment
  • add new users and adjust role privileges
  • adjust the maximum file size limits
  • change email notifications settings
  • adjust standard Permit validity periods
  • adjust the default list of hazards and controls
  • activate and deactivate available system languages

Licencing, Hosting, Support and Updates

Whichever hosting solution is selected, we provide an unlimited site wide licence for as many users to access the system as required; this high degree of flexibility is valued by our customers during periods of shutdown where there can be many additional users in the system.

The solution can either be deployed locally on to a customer’s infrastructure or hosted remotely by Cresent and accessed via the internet.  The solution chosen depends on your specific requirements and Cresent will make a recommendation on this as part of the initial data and requirements gathering phase.

We provide several different levels of Support and Maintenance depending on a customer’s specific requirements; ranging from our highest ‘Gold’ level that provides assurance 24 / 7, to our ‘Bronze’ level that provides Support and Maintenance within UK working hours.  All Support and Maintenance is provided by our dedicated team based in Aberdeen and our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are written in plain English so that you can clearly understand what Support is to be provided.

Software updates are provided regularly and are managed through our Software Governance Board (SGB) which meets regularly to review the Product Roadmap.  This live document controls the future direction of the product including new features under development.

Why WorkSafe® with Cresent?

  • WorkSafe® is simple to use and intuitive for the user
  • WorkSafe® is a truly modular product and highly configurable product; we can activate different modules to meet each client’s specific business requirements
  • WorkSafe® has been developed in accordance with UK HSE Standards HSG250 and HSG253, which define the requirements of a Permit to Work system and the Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment
  • WorkSafe® has been built to reflect the multi-lingual nature of many modern workforces and users are able to ‘toggle’ between languages at a click of a button
  • We are a global company, with offices and support in the UK, Brazil and the Middle East meaning on the ground support can be provided quickly when needed
  • WorkSafe® is supported by a team of experienced specialists in Control of Work, Software Development, Training and Deployment
  • Cresent offers a range of complementary classroom and e-learning products to cover example topics such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Authorised Gas Testing, Oil Spill Response and Working at Height. In many cases these training courses are certified by industry bodies including OPITO.
  • Cresent has a team of coaching professionals who can be deployed to a client’s facilities to assist in the training, implementation and post ‘Go Live’ support of the WorkSafe® system.
  • Each WorkSafe® project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager, providing a single point of contact for you and assurance that your project will be managed in a professional manner

WorkSafe® Future Developments

WorkSafe® Control of Work V2.5 has recently been released and includes several enhancements over previous versions of the system, such as:

  • A simpler, more modern and visually appealing user interface
  • The introduction of new features and modules; Control of Work Library (Exemplars), Operational Risk Assessments (ORA) and Cumulative Risk
  • Improved performance and responsiveness
DOwnload the WorkSafe® IT and Technical Requirements Datasheet