Training and Competence

You won’t find better

Our training programmes combine years of operational experience with cutting edge media tools and innovative learning techniques. We create training that really works and have thousands of happy customers globally. In fact we’ve been training the very people who audit your safety standards, the HSE Inspectorate UK, for over 12 years now. They keep coming back!

Why Cresent Training?

“Our training programmes cover Control of Work, Process Safety and Personal Safety and are highly regarded in the industry. We know how the real world of hazardous industries work and this allows us to shape the content around your people, their strengths and weaknesses to achieve outstanding results.

“When you partner with Cresent we work as part of your team really getting into your culture. We can help you design your competence plans and perform gap analysis. We can recommend the level of training required and design programmes to achieve your objectives. We deliver the programmes and evaluate its effectiveness with you. We never cut you off. We’re there when you need us, for as long as you need us”.

Rory Fraser, Production Manager

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Our e-learning courses are designed around learning objectives and your people’s needs. We keep the information straightforward, the communication techniques engaging and the learner enthused as all our courses are extremely interactive.

We also produce bespoke training courses working in close collaboration with you. They can be developed in any language you require; some of the languages we used recently are Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Urdu, French and Kazakh.

Our courses comply with SCORM, the international e-learning standard, and can be delivered through our WorkSafe® Learning Management System or your SCORM-compliant LMS.

Course Decriptors

At Cresent, we believe effective learning isn’t just about the right information: it’s about the right way of communicating it to ensure knowledge retention.

We combine content, written by our in-house Control of Work and HSE subject matter experts, and visuals created by instructional designers to produce engaging training programmes defined by best practice, quality and relevance.

We understand that there are time and resource issues associated with taking personnel off operational duties for training and development, so we’ve designed our web-based courses to be delivered at any location in typically less than an hour. At Cresent, we use reflective and experiential learning techniques and knowledge is delivered in a way that allows for direct application on-the-job.

In addition to our off-the-shelf Control of Work e-learning suite, we also offer multi-language, bespoke courses and classroom courses. All of our training materials, including on the job coaching and Train the Trainer programmes form an overall framework: the Control of Work Academy.


Classroom and Practical Training

Have you ever been to a classroom course where you experienced “death by Power Point”? This is exactly what we are NOT about. We simulate work environments and work on your people’s engagement during our practical and classroom courses.

We focus on topics such as Introduction to Control of Work, Hazard Awareness, Task Risk Assessment, Confined Space Entry, Working at Height, Scaffolding and also create bespoke courses to achieve your particular objectives.

Our courses can be delivered at our training centre in Aberdeen, at your site, or at some of our partners’ locations.

Apart from delivering outstanding content we’ve organised “training camps”, helped thousands of our trainees with visas and logistics, created awareness campaigns and have been involved in Nationalisation programmes. We have a great “can do” attitude and are very passionate about making your people safe: this is what our customers value the most.


We support your people at all stages of their learning curve. Coaching is a great way of perfecting skills as it allows your staff to apply critical information successfully on-site and ensure consistency of approach in any location.

We have a team of very experienced coaches who use a range of learning techniques resulting in a high level of knowledge retention.

We also deliver Train the Trainer programmes and Train the Coach programmes.

All coaching programmes are tailored to suit your specific Control of Work processes and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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