Control of Work Products and Permit Office Essentials

Everything you need for your permit office

Cresent have created a range of high-quality Control of Work products and permit office essentials to support your Control of Work system.

In order to ensure the Control of Work (CoW) system in place on your facility is truly as safe, efficient and easy as possible, it is important it is supported by high-quality Control of Work Products, designed by experts to embrace best practice across hazardous industries, and specifically engineered to meet regulatory and legislative requirements, whilst also being robust enough to withstand the wear-and-tear that would be expected on-site.

WorkSafe Permit Office

Cresent has developed a range of high-visibility Isolation Tag Wallets, Isolation Tags and Tag Out Grips (TOGs) for use in conjunction with Process Isolation systems. The Cresent approach to Isolations is unique in the marketplace and offers significant benefits over standard systems, including ease-of-use, durability, visibility and reusability.

Two of our best selling consumables include:

WorkSafe® Isolation Tags

The WorkSafe® Isolation Tags are constructed from a thermoplastic polymer that has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure it is tear- and fade-resistant. The isolation tags have been tested in a large variety of environmental conditions and have proven extremely versatile. The WorkSafe® Isolation Tags are compatible with both paper (handwritten) and electronic (printed) Control of Work Systems.

WorkSafe® Tag Out Grips (TOGs)

The innovative TOGs use a grip that secures the isolation tag unlike any other solution, gripping the tag very firmly using a large surface area with no sharp corners that could stress the isolation tag and lead to failure. The WorkSafe® TOGs can be applied and removed very quickly, and are compatible with any safety tag or wallet; providing a safer and more reliable means of securing a tag, compared to the alternative of threading string through the tag itself.

We have developed a range of isolation consumables and permit office essentials:

To find out more about our innovative consumables, download our consumables catalogue here or contact one of our highly experienced and knowledgable team.

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Download and view our Consumables Product Brochure here: