WorkSafe® Skittle Magnets


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Available in 9 colours, and a mixed packet, these super-strong, tiny Neodymium magnets can secure up to 18 sheets of A4 paper.

  • skittle-magnets_white1
  • skittle-magnets_red1
  • skittle-magnets_purple1
  • skittle-magnets_orange1
  • skittle-magnets_luminous1
  • skittle-magnets_green61
  • skittle-magnets_blue31
  • skittle-magnets_black81

Typical colours ordered:

  • White (HIRA)
  • Blue (Cold Work)
  • Yellow (Spark Potential Work)
  • Red (Naked Flame Work)
  • Packs of 12
  • Easy to handle and unobtrusive size

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Black, Blue, Green, Luminous, Mixed, Orange, Purple, Red, White

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