WorkSafe® Safety Tag – Bleed/Vent

WorkSafe® Safety Tags are compatible with paper or electronic Control of Work systems.

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  • bleed-vent-front1
  • bleed-vent-back1

WorkSafe® Safety Tags clearly illustrate whether equipment is safe to use and withstand a multitude of weather and worksite conditions.

Hand-written tags must be pre-numbered and formatted for completion by hand using permanent marker pens.  Electronically printed tags are supplied blank for completion by the WorkSafe® software and printer.

Electronic tags (which require one specific WorkSafe® tag printer per tag type) and hand-written tags are recommended to be ordered with sequential numbering.

The key benefits of the WorkSafe® Safety Tags are outlined below:

  • Helps comply with legislative requirements and good practice
  • 1000 tags minimum order
  • Suitable for office printing (see Tag Printer) or handwriting instruction with permanent marker
  • Multi-language option available

Don’t forget to order your WorkSafe® Tag Out Grips (TOGs) to secure the tags to the relevant equipment at site.  We recommend that you order 1 TOG per 10 tags.

  • Material: Thermoplastic polymer
  • Dimensions: 101*127mm
  • Order: Minimum order 1000 tags

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