Cyber Security

On completing this course delegates will be able to identify the personal, corporate and vessel-related risks posed by common cyber security threats, take basic precautions to ensure than data held online is not compromised, recognise when a cyber-security breach has occurred and take the appropriate actions at sea.

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The aim of this course is to highlight the risks posed by common cyber security threats to shipping companies and their individual employees. It also aims to describe good cyber security practice at sea and onshore.

The cyber safety threat:

  • Describe ways in which safety can be jeopardised in shipping
  • Recognise when safety could be compromised, particularly when undertaking routine IT and day-to-day digital activities
  • Identify good practice in terms of maintaining cyber security ashore and afloat

The digital threat using your personal information:

  • Recognise ways in which personal information can be compromised
  • Identify the principal cyber security risk areas
  • Take basic precautions to ensure that personal and corporate information held online is not compromised

The digital threat using your device:

  • Recognise the dangers in using devices ashore and afloat in ways that can reduce cyber safety
  • Ensure that personal devices are set up and used appropriately to minimise security risks

The physical and human threat:

  • Recognise the importance of keeping access to vessels safe and secure
  • Show an awareness of the threat to vessels from social engineering and human hacking
  • Describe how to ensure that conversations, documents and devices are physically secure ashore and afloat

Duration: 70 minutes

Knowledge Check: 20 Questions Assessment

This course is certified by the University of Sunderland and was created in partnership with the following companies: Stapleton International, University of Sunderland, MLA College and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.

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