Onshore and Offshore Basic Spill Responder e-Learning Courses

Cresent, in conjunction with our partners and subject matter experts Briggs Environmental Services are pleased to add two new Basic Spill Responder e-learning courses to our Oil Spill Response range.

These online courses provide users with a relevant and unique learning experience, and they have been developed specifically for the Onshore and Offshore workforces respectively.  The courses are designed to provide training delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with any basic spill they may be faced with in their working environment safely and effectively.

The Onshore and Offshore Basic Spill Responder e-Learning courses are ideal general spill awareness knowledge building courses, appropriate for a wide global audience, and they provide an easy to understand introduction to spill response.

Like all of Cresent’s e-learning courses, the Onshore and Offshore Spill Responder e-learning courses are designed with the user in mind.  The courses offer delegates total flexibility to undertake the training at their own pace, location and convenience.  Cresent’s e-learning training options provide a cost-effective and suitable alternative to classroom training.

To find out more about these courses and how they can benefit you, and to arrange for a demo, please fill out the form below:


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