New Train the Trainer programmes launched

How to save training costs, retain knowledge and personnel

Committed to promoting best Control of Work and HSE practice, Cresent have developed a Train the Trainer framework that provides your Trainers with the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver Control of Work and HSE training to your workforce directly on site.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Isolations, Working at Height and Confined Space Entry are examples of Control of Work topics that are included in our Train the Trainer programme.  We work with your Trainers to ensure that they not only understand the technical detail of the topic and how it relates to your Control of Work processes on site, but they understand and practise how to deliver it in the best way possible to maximise knowledge retention and application on site.

Train the trainer programmes are an investment in the future of your company and the development of your workforce.  This presents many advantages:

Knowledge Retention

Above all, your operations are only as good as your people.  Train the Trainer programmes use a variety of learning methods and have been fine-tuned to enhance the learning experience for best results.

Programmes deliver underpinning knowledge and hands-on experience in Control of Work best practise.  They focus on how to deliver this knowledge in ways that maximise the application of this knowledge in everyday life, making your operations safer.

Cost Efficiency

There are no two ways about it, training is essential.  However, the time and monetary values associated with training can pose serious constraints.  It is possible to lose hundreds of man hours in just travelling to the training site, let alone the actual travel and accommodation costs just to get there.

Although your Trainers can travel to Cresent’s purpose-built Control of Work Academy in Aberdeen, we can also bring the Programme to you, wherever you are in the world, minimising disruption to your rotas.

It goes without saying that Train the Trainer programmes are particularly cost effective when you have a large workforce to train.  Investing in your onsite Trainers can significantly maximise your return on investment.

Multinational Workforce

Often, training an international workforce can pose difficulties.  Language, religious obligations, greetings, social hierarchies, naming conventions, formality and dress etiquette to name a few, vary from country to country and it’s crucial that Trainers are respected to gain the respect of the team.  These barriers are non-existent when your onsite Trainers are developed to deliver this training.

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Knowledge may be better received if the training is delivered by someone from the local team, as opposed to an external trainer who may be perceived as an ‘outsider’.  The Trainer becomes an accessible and trusted source of information and many feel much more comfortable asking informal questions and seeking advice on an ad-hoc basis.  

Train the Trainer programmes are delivered in a variety of blended learning techniques using real-life examples, role-play, experiential learning, classroom and e-learning tailored to develop best practice of Control of Work within the company’s specific HSE culture.  

Cresent’s Train the Trainer programme helps your Trainers get to the ‘heart’ of Control of Work with the ability to transfer and communicate this knowledge to the rest of the team, creating a fully competent workforce.  

The content of the course is specifically designed in-house to match your exact specifications and all training is delivered, assessed and audited by Cresent’s team of experts.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44(0)1224 636870 or

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