Low Bandwidth? No Problem!

Cresent understands that delivering e-learning to remote learners with low bandwidth can be a challenge. Our solution provides a reliable approach for learners wherever they are.

First, what is low bandwidth?

This is when users have little to intermittent connectivity, most often experienced by those working on vessels, platforms or remote sites.

For Cresent, Low Bandwidth is not a barrier.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is flexible – seamlessly delivering training content to users with limited internet or users in areas with prohibitively expensive internet connectivity.

Our solution ensures that your staff get the training they require with no barriers:

  • reducing stress from connectivity issues
  • ensuring ease of access to relevant courses
  • a simple interface for even the least tech savvy user
  • high quality, low cost training

So, how does it work?

Our Low Bandwidth solution makes it as simple and easy as possible. You can sit the course without internet access and only need seconds of interconnectivity to allow the results to be sent back to LMS to receive your certificate!

Cresent has the ability to design bespoke training courses, based on your individual requirements, thanks to our in-house Creative Learning Team.

To find out more about our Low Bandwidth solution or our bespoke course capabilities get in touch with us today.

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